HashPhotos by beyondf – Great Photo Viewer/Manager for iPhone/iPad

Many users feel lack of functionality and usability with iOS native Photos app.
There are many photos in iPhone/iPad but it’s very hard to navigate photos you want to see. Scroll up/down again and again.

#Photos(HashPhotos) offers great way to view, manage and edit photos.
If you are looking for a replacement of native Photos app, #Photos will be your final stop.

#Photos Available in App Store

Main screen only focuses on photos. #Photos uses all screen areas to show thumbnails.
By default, photos are grouped by month and shows date cells. You can recognize when those photos taken without any actions.
If you want photos not to be grouped by month or don’t want to see date cells, you can set these in settings.
Also you can choose thumbnail size small, medium or large. If you choose small thumbnails you can see more photos at once.

#Photos Main Screen (Thumbnails)

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